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A.J. Mahari’s Cluster B Family site

has been moved to: Information and insightful understanding about BPD, NPD, and ASPD for Loved Ones. First you need to understand more about the person with BPD, NPD, or ASPD in your life and then you need to understand your part and do your own recovery work in a deep process of recovery.


Please Note:

A.J. Mahari’s Cluster B Abuse Recovery site

has now moved to   Information, insight, help and support in your recovery from a cluster B relationship of any type. How you can really move forward gaining the understanding of exactly how to resolve pain, confusion, abuse trauma and what you need for you in your own life.



A.J. Mahari BPD Loved Ones Site

Support, information, and services for those who are in Unchoosen Relationships with someone with Borderline Personality – family members of those with BPD, or significant others of those with BPD.   Please check back right here very soon.

In the meantime you can find much I’ve written for BPD Loved Ones or Family Members HERE and HERE and also on my Youtube Channel

This site will also feature the writing, videos, and podcast of A.J. Mahari, an Author, a Counselor and a Life Coach and Mental Health Coach who has been writing and working online with those with BPD and loved ones since April 1995.

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