The Search For Understanding For Those On The Other Side of BPD

cropped-BPDfamilyheader.jpgDo you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you struggling to cope with the situation? Are you coming to know you have choices and decisions to make but are still unsure as to what you need/want to do? Is that BPD Loved One a significant other, a family member, an adult-child, a parent? Each relationship, each relational dynamic with someone in your life with BPD can be somewhat different. Each individual person with BPD also despite having BPD has his or her own individuality and ways in which they manifest the issues that BPD defines.

Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze – Recovery For BPD Family/BPD Loved Ones

For those who find themselves on the other side of Borderline Personality Disorder the enigma can be mind-boggling. Coming to find out that a family member, loved one, partner, or ex-partner has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder for many begins a search to find understanding. This search for understanding is two-fold. Firstly, most want to know what is Borderline Personality Disorder? Secondly, most want to know, what does this mean for me? What can I do in light of this? Can I help? Can  I get them help? How do I cope?

This search for understanding becomes a journey of identifying, coping with, and working your way through the BPD MAZE. This journey has various stages to it that vary from person to person. Common to most BPD Family Members or Loved ones are needing to know more to even contemplate the choices that lay ahead. Choices that will bring with them a myriad of maze-like emotions that can and often do trap those on the other side of BPD in a very painful “no-man’s land” so to speak. This “no man’s land” is the central affect of being on the other side of what is the “borderline” no-win situation. This situation leaves loved ones in the “rock and a hard place” position. This web site will address this and the stages that most non borderlines go through when coming to grips with the reality of Borderline Personality Disorder in the life of a loved one and by the nature of the connection to that loved one, in their own lives as well.

A.J. Mahari Understands the Pain That BPD Causes On Both Sides From Her Own Personal Experience (Education and 20 Years of working with clients)

I have had a lot of experience with BPD – both sides of it. I have felt the pain that you may well be feeling today. I had two parents with Borderline Personality Disorder, developed BPD in my teen years and subsequently recovered from BPD in 1995. I then had a relationship with someone with BPD years later and was on the other side of BPD as a person who fully recovered from BPD. I have been for 20 years now, on the other side of BPD myself. In a healthy space and place in life and work.  I know this formidable and serious mental illness – personality disorder – from the inside out on both sides. It is from a caring and compassionate place that I share the Articles, Ebooks, Audio Programs and Video Messages for those of you are bpd loved ones and/or BPD family members of those who have been diagnosed with BPD.

I have helped thousands of readers, video watchers, and clients, in the last 20 years, journey through the BPD MAZE effectively. Despite the pain of this journey for BPD Family Members and Loved Ones the process is really each person’s own unique journey. Regardless of all the common themes written about on the internet and in books, each BPD Loved One has to find his or her way through to the understanding required to find peace again. To know, depending upon the type of relationship, whether or not you can stay or you need to go. Will the person you love and care about with BPD seek treatment or not? If they do, how will you know if they are actually making progress? How will you know what decisions you need to make?

I understand from all experiences one can possibly have with someone with BPD, except that I have not ever been a parent (though I’ve worked with thousands of  parents and still do) along with (often) their adult-bpd-child to facilitate an on-going process of healing and recovery that improves situations, relationships and lives for all involved.

It is my hope that you will find some helpful information here as you, like so many, search as many sites on the web as you can find on your journey toward understanding, and navigating your way effectively and successfully through the BPD

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